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(La Rioja Alta Winery) Established 1988 Production 450000 bottles

Established 1988 Production 450000 bottles Bodega Fernandez Cervera Hermanos SL belonged to a family related to the ship-building business for which wine was more a hobby than a true business venture. In 1988 La Rioja Alta S.A. was looking for somewhere to branch out into new wine-making fields in Galicia. It acquired a majority interest in the business and soon was able to buy the entire company changing the name to Lagar de Fornelos S.A. This is a small but welcoming winery. It has the capacity to process 700000 kilos of grapes equivalent to 450000 bottles per year 50% of which are exported to the United Kingdom Mexico Germany Switzerland the United States and other countries such as Japan and Venezuela. Located in the village of Fornelos; its pink ivy-covered facade can be seen from the road. The cosiest corner is the dining-tasting room in the old part of the house with an impressive old stone and wooden wine press. The river Tamuxe flows by the rear of the house and summer days are enhanced by the cries of the local children who come to bathe. There are ducks trout and minks. The ancient stone wine press symbolises this winery an example of the hard work and suffering involved in making wine in the past. Fortunately it is now a museum piece. But its likeness can be found on our labels and engraved on the bottles.


It shows a very bright, pale yellow colour with green tints.

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The Albarino grape produces a wonderfully florally scented wine and this unique personality is also imparted to the spirit distilled from its skins and pips.

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