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Vineyards 350 Ha Production 1300000 bottles

Vineyards 350 Ha Production 1300000 bottles Inhabited since Neolithic times over the centuries this land has seen the arrival of many people who have gradually refined the systems of vine cultivation. E 'with the advent of the judgments however knows that wine growing unprogresso decisive. Director Dino Addis also the oenologist and most importantly the person who has turned this Tempio-based co-operative cellar into a benchmark for Vermentino di Gallura. His experience is obvious from the work carried out in recent years within the individual vineyards in close collaboration with the 135 members and the result are close-focused limpid wines that unfailing reflect the traits imparted by the prevalently granite soil and the varieties cultivated. The range includes several versions of Vermentino di Gallura along with other labels that represent the most traditional Sardinian wines.


Bright straw yellow with golden tinges. Big intense, with nuances of grapes and exotic fruit, and hints of green pepper capsicum.

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Brilliant straw yellow in colour with greenish tints.

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